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¡Hola! Me llamo Adriana

¡Hola! Me llamo Adriana y soy profesora de español. Soy de Buenos Aires y tengo la experiencia y el entusiasmo necesarios para acompañarte y guiarte en esta aventura.

¿Te sientes excluído de las conversaciones o no entiendes lo que te dicen? ¿Estás soñando hablar como un nativo? ¿O estás preparando tu viaje a América Latina? Entonces este es el momento perfecto para comenzar a descubrir el idioma castellano.

En cambio

Si en cambio ya tienes experiencia porque has estudiado español en la escuela,también podrás:

  • Mejorar tu escritura
  • Practicar conversación
  • Preparar un examen universitario
  • Expandir tu vocabulario
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    Si tienes desafíos extraordinarios necesitas estrategias extraordinarias

    Esto es lo que vamos hacer:


    Intensiva para todos los niveles:
    •Principiantes •Intermedios •Avanzados


    Podrás escribir: mensajes, cartas, correos electrónicos, artículos, tu biografía y mucho más.


    Viajes de estudio a España para conocer ciudades, visitar museos, comer platos típicos y disfrutar del mundo hispano.

    También podemos estudiar en España


    Podemos unir el placer de viajar y conocer ciudades maravillosas como Barcelona y Madrid y al mismo tiempo dedicarnos a estudiar y explorar la ciudad como nativos. Comiendo tapas, visitando museos y bailando flamenco…

    ¡Qué sí! Que todo se puede…


    Si estás en la escuela

    Puedes conocer a Charo y a su prima Matilde. Son dos chicas muy simpáticas y están siempre hablando por internet, como haces tú con tus compañeros de clase. Ahora puedes tú también compartir la vida y el mundo de Charo y su familia.

    Para obtener buenos resultados…

    hace falta un COACH. Alguien que pueda corregir tus errores y mantener alta tu motivación. Mucha práctica y un método organizado son algunas de las claves del éxito. Cursos de coaching en español para todos los niveles.

    Dibujado a mano por mí en mi primera experiencia cono artista, 2017

    Me encanta dibujar y pintar y siempre me ha gustado visita galerías de arte. Y sí, yo también creía que alcanzar algunos objetivos, como poder dibujar, no era más que un sueño. Pero con la estrategia justa también descubrí que todo se puede.

    Tú también puedes hacerlo. ¡Ahora mismo!


    Scott Myers - Bodega Luis y Ana - España
    I studied with Adriana for a year when I lived in Argentina and México. I was at an advanced level at that point and it can be difficult to find a teacher that will push you to the next level. However, Adriana was very good adapting the lessons in a way that challenged me. She helped me polish up my writing skills and was instrumental in enhancing my vocabulary during our conversation practices. She's always engaged, always professional, and always patient and positive. On a personal note, she was one of the first to encourage me to pursue my goals in the wine industry and I will not forget her support. Having dealt with a number of teachers over the years, I can assure you that Adriana is well-qualified and well worth your time and money.
    Stefan Beck - Munchen Germany
    I have been learning Spanish for several years at the adult education center in Munich. The success was moderate. A friend gave me the advice to try it with a Spanish course via Internet. After testing some Spanish teachers there, I found Adriana. She is Argentinian (which means she´s a native speaker), but speaks also English, perfectly. This is very helpful, if you are a beginner in learning Spanish e. g. if you have questions about the grammar. Learning Spanish with Adriana for one year was more successful than in 4 years at the adult education center. She knows how to coordinate the lessons perfectly to the students strengths and weaknesses. Learning Spanish with her is never boring. She´s very spontaneous and knows how to surprise her students always with new exercises. I guess, one reason of the success is, during a lesson you are constantly challenged because of the "face to face" situation. Since I´m working full time, it is very convenient, that Adriana is very flexible and I´m able to book hours in the evening or at the weekend. It´s obvious that she enjoys teaching and she always makes you feel like a friend not just a client. In addition, her style of teaching gives her students the certainty to use the Spanish language without hesitation. So I definetely can recommend Adriana as a Spanish teacher.
    Lucia Mander - Italia
    Avevo un sogno: andare a vivere alle Canarie. Il primo passo è stato dedicarmi allo studio dello spagnolo. Ho studiato con Adriana per 12 mesi ed è stato molto piacevolel Lei ha saputo mantenere vivo l'interesse e l'entusiasmo anche nei momenti di difficoltà. Quando ho finalmente raggiunto la mia meta mi sono resa conto che ero in grado di affrontare qualunque situazione, da un acquisto in un negozio al disbrigo di una pratica burocratico. Adesso vivo alle Canarie e il mio sogno è diventato realtà.
    Lina Mazigi - Charlotte USA
    I have been taking Spanish with Adriana for nearly 1 1/2 years. I can truly say that she is an excellent teacher. She is dedicated and thorough, her method is complete as we do grammar, conversation, vocabulary, writing and reading and gives me homework that she corrects and after that we discuss it.
    She is always on time and always prepared for our lesson and one more thing is that she listens patiently especially in the beginning as it took me a long time to express myself. I am now capable of conversing properly and using my Spanish in my volunteer work with Hispanics my colleagues are so amazed. I recommend Adriana without hesitation because I believe she is the best.
    Jenny Hager - Chicago USA
    There are so many wonderful things to say about Adriana. She is a wonderful teacher who treats her students with respect by being on time and prepared to use the entire lesson time to teach. In a supportive and non-threatening way, she uses conversation to identify weaknesses in your ability to use a language and then helps you to overcome those weaknesses. She has a wealth of teaching materials to share with students, and she uses technology very effectively.
    She is well-educated and well-informed, so our conversations range over all the latest news as well as culture. These conversations have helped to expand my vocabulary and to use idiomatic phrases more comfortably. She is kind, sunny, fun, and engaging.
    Caitlin O'Reilly Fernandes - Maine USA
    Adriana is a driven and experienced teacher who will take control of your Spanish education. She comes prepared for every lesson with activities which teach, and drill exactly that which you need at the moment... and she always sends a copy of the worksheet which was worked on in the lesson to you via email after the class so you can have it. As an avid lover of languages she does not merely teach you to speak and write Spanish- she teaches you to do so with care and precision. Before starting lessons with Adriana, I was afraid that Skype lessons would be awkward, but Adriana´s warmth, and professionalism make it exactly the opposite. I look forward to our classes and always find myself smiling afterwards. When I first came to Adriana, my goal was to move from an ACTFL intermediate level speaker to advanced-low speaker. Thanks to Adriana, within a year, our goal was accomplished. Taking lessons with Adriana completely jump started my career, and I believe it is one of the best decisions I´ve ever made. I started lessons with Adriana to accomplish a specific goal, but have kept it up out of a joy for language learning which Adriana taught me. I recommend Adriana Irace without hesit.
    Layne Saltern - Utah USA
    Adriana is a talented and professional instructor. She is always prepared with a lesson custom-made for my needs. We spent time going over the areas where I need the most help, so she could create a lesson plan that would be most effective. I'm amazed at the progress I've made!
    Dott.ssa Elena Rubini - Italia
    Studio con Adriana da oltre un anno ormai, ho iniziato questo viaggio perché come medico volevo esplorare il campo della ricerca, ero consapevole del rischio che mi stavo assumendo facendo questa scelta, così come ero consapevole del fatto che per entrare in quel mondo dovevo “ampliare i miei orizzonti espressivi”: ho parlato ad Adriana del mio progetto e lei ha accettato la sfida. Dopo un anno di lavoro assieme e tanti successi, lei mi sprona costantemente ad andare oltre, mi mostra le potenzialità che la conoscenza e l’impiego di una lingua straniera può offrire, mi supporta ogni qualvolta decido di intraprendere un nuovo progetto. Lavorare con lei è una vera gioia, mi permette di rinnovarmi e di alimentare continuamente la fiammella dell’entusiasmo! Adriana è un'insegnante disponibile, attenta, precisa, coinvolgente…è una combattente e con il suo lavoro insegna a combattere per superare i propri limiti e inseguire i propri sogni.
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